Our platform helps you deploy, monitor, clean, and replace PPE to meet OSHA and FDA Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines.

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PPE non-compliance is a top workplace safety hazard.

According to OSHA, PPE non-compliance continues to be a top ten workplace safety issue. Not every accident is preventable, but encouraging good habits can help ensure that when accidents do happen, they’re interruptions, not catastrophes. AmorSui engages individual employees with functional garments that train them to do the right thing.

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PPE That Employees Want to Wear

Sleek, comfortable, and safety-certified garments made from high-performance textiles with fire-resistant, chemical-resistant, and antimicrobial properties. Click the above image to learn more!

User-Friendly Mobile Training Platform

Our mobile app helps employees track PPE compliance progress in real-time and offline with gamified features that allow for peer-to-peer monitoring

Real-Time Analytics Towards Better PPE Management

One-stop shop to monitor compliance, cleaning, and replacement of PPE

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Mobile App That Keeps Your Employees Safe

  • Alerts that train employees to wear appropriate PPE at each workstation
  • Customized reminders for good personal hygiene practices, e.g. hand-washing when entering a new working station
  • Gamified peer-to-peer interactions to drive compliance
  • Captured data to reward employees for being safe
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All-in-One Integrated Solution for PPE Management.

Save time and money and keep employees engaged, while staying compliant with federal PPE regulations

  • Organized tracking of PPE cleaning and replacement
  • Quick assessment of safety engagement programs
  • Real-time PPE compliance analytics
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